Salsa & Bachata Nights

A Sullivan Place Exclusive​

Join me every Monday Night for 2 hours of Salsa & Bachata!

An intimate "studio type" setup making it comfortable to learn new moves & practice your technique in order to help you build a strong foundation.

Class Schedule

Beginner Salsa

Monday Nights @ 7pm

Beginner Bachata

Monday Nights @ 8pm

*No Partner Necessary

What You'll Learn

Musicality & Timing

Steps & Footwork

Partnerwork & Hand Positioning

Lead & Follow Technique


1 Class

Salsa or Bachata

$ 15

*We accept PayPal, Credit Card, and Cash

Both Classes

Salsa and Bachata

$ 20

*We accept PayPal, Credit Card, and Cash

ATTENTION! – For Sullivan Place Residents – ask for the “residents only” discount code!

Location, Parking & Getting Inside

Classes are held inside the basketball court of Sullivan Place, a luxury apartment complex in Northern VA.
Sullivan Place
5575 Vincent Gate Terrace
Alexandria, VA 22312

The front door should be open if you can arrive by 6:50pm. If not, there is a call box (the number is 969) on the left hand side that will dial my cell phone. Someone will have it and can buzz you in.

You can park in the garage or Panera, both are fine!